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From our manufacturing facility in Telford, Shropshire; we work with customers across the UK to provide high quality automatic and specialist doors suited to their projects. We are part of the American based Horton Automatics company who are a division of the Overhead Door Corporation, so we have a wealth of industry experience. Along with being one of the leading manufacturers of automatic doors in the UK, Horton Automatics also provides installation and servicing. The servicing option is extremely important to us as we believe in maintaining automatic doors so that they are safe, perform correctly and are legally compliant. We offer a range of servicing plans and our team of accredited engineers operate a 24-hour service nationwide across the UK – so you can rely on us to be there. Servicing options are tailored to the customer’s requirements and budget.

“G. B. Farrar & Co Ltd have been working with Horton Automatics for the past ten years and together we have successfully completed over 50 projects for the major financial retail sector. During this period Horton have come in on budget and have not missed an agreed deadline” Paul Smith

Commercial Director, G. B. Farrar & Co Ltd

Our senior management team:

Managing Director of Horton Automatics

Tony O’Keeffe

Managing Director

Tony has been with Horton for 15 years and has over 39 years of door industry experience. He was also the former chairman of ADSA (Automatic Doors Suppliers Association).

Financial Controller of Horton Automatics

James Vickers

Financial Controller

James is a fully qualified accountant and has been with Horton for ten years.

Operations Manager at Horton Automatics

Mark Jones

Operations Manager

Mark has over 30 years of industry experience and has been with Horton for 26 years.

Service Manager at Horton Automatics

Gibb Walker

Service Manager

Gibb joined Horton in 2018 and is a qualified electro-mechanical engineer with a degree in Business Administration. He has over 19 years of experience in services and facilities management.

Purchasing Manager at Horton Automatics

Julie Kelly

Purchasing Manager

Julie has been with Horton for 21 years and has over 29 years of industry experience.

Horton Automatics team

Adam Wiggans

Product Development Manager

Adam has 30 years of industry experience and has been with Horton for eight years.

Senior Project Manager at Horton Automatics

Stuart Burrows

Senior Project Manager

Stuart has been with Horton and worked in the industry for over 18 years.

Our sales management team are the face of Horton Automatic Doors:

John Nunn

Southern Area Sales Manager

John has been with Horton for over seven years and has 12 years of sales industry experience.

Horton Automatics meet the team

Jackie Fillingham

Service Business Development Executive

Jackie has been with Horton for a year and has 10 years of business development experience.

Midlands Area Sales Manager at Horton Automatics

Laura Franklin

Midlands Area Sales Manager

Laura has worked for Horton and been in the industry for over 11 years.

Midlands Area Sales Manager at Horton Automatics

Richard Traynor

Northern Area Sales Manager

Richard has been with Horton for over two years and has 12 years automatic door industry experience.

We wish we could include each employee here, but we would run out of space! There is a significant number of people who work tirelessly to ensure Horton Automatics performs to the standards we and our customers expect. From sales support staff to our production team and service engineers – we work to the requirements of your project and we don’t make false promises.
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If you would like more information about Horton Automatics, please call 01952 670 169 or fill out the enquiry form below.

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