Specialist medical automatic doors by Horton

Healthcare/hospital doors

Healthcare buildings and clinical environments benefit significantly from Horton Automatics range of ICU/CCU door products. They are designed to meet the demanding requirements specific to hospitals and the clinical sector.

We have a variety of ICU/CCU door designs to choose from; multiple panel sliding and fold options that are tailored to the requirements of new build and refurbishment projects in anodised or powder coated finishes. Our glazing options include clear and opaque safety glass integral blinds for privacy and convenience.

The easy to clean surfaces minimise infection hazards linked with curtain screens and the unique trackless threshold design prevents the build-up of possible contaminants in guide tracks and ensures a smooth transfer of patients and equipment. Horton Automatics can also further protect their healthcare doors by finishing them with a SteriTouch® antimicrobial powder coating.

There are many benefits that ICU/CCU doors can bring to hospitals and here at Horton Automatics we are dedicated to bringing practical solutions to improve healthcare environments.

“We have had a service contract with Horton Automatics for over 5 years and I must say I have enjoyed working with you. Your office staff have been very professional in responding to any request, including call outs. Your engineers have been excellent and would answer any questions from end users very professionally. I am most pleased with your response to call out for doors in ICU which sometimes puts demands on resources. I would not hesitate to recommend you anytime.”

John Luke

Estates Manager, The Princess Grace Hospital

What are the benefits of ICU/CCU doors?

Aesthetic and practical
Infection control
Ease of access
Patient privacy
Climate control
Clinical observation
Gender separation

ICU/CCU and Healthcare Door options:

Intensive/Intermediate/Critical Care Systems
Patient Room Systems
Negative, Positive and Combination Pressure Room Systems
Automatic Entrance Systems – Sliding
Automatic Entrance Systems – Swinging and Folding
Automatic Entrance Systems – Revolving

Our range of ICU/CCU doors are made of the same high-quality construction as the full-range of Horton Automatic sliding, folding and swing door systems manufactured at our Shropshire based factory.

Horton Automatics is an industry leading manufacturer of door systems for hospitals, out-patient careclinics, nursing homes and other medical facilities. We understand the demanding environments that healthcare facilities are placed under on a daily basis. With a significant volume of visitors and staff passing through their doors each day; usually in a 24-hour environment – it’s essential that the doors work efficiently. Although the use of these doors is still considered an innovation in the UK, we have installed products across many NHS and private healthcare facilities.

Specialist medical automatic doors
Specialist medical doors
Healthcare doors by Horton Automatics

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