Being a leading manufacturer and supplier of automatic and specialist doors in the UK, Horton Automatics prides itself on being compliant with safety standards.

ADSA members

As members of the Automatic Door Suppliers Association, we take the safety of automatic doors seriously. We are also committed to meeting the specific requirements set by ADSA to represent the best quality.

ADSA was formed in 1985 for the sole purpose of working with its members so that automatic doors would meet a high standard. To this day it promotes the importance of supplying automatic doors to the highest level of safety. It was ADSA that developed the code of practice which covers the safety aspects for pedestrian used automatic doors.

Safety guidance videos

Our Managing Director, Tony O’Keeffe is a former chairman of ADSA and with Horton Automatics being members, we understand and are involved in maintaining the standards set by ADSA. In fact, being members – we were involved in producing the Occupier Safety Check videos for ADSA.

These videos are a breakdown of concise guidance for what occupier safety checks should include. There is a video specifically for checking automatic sliding doors and automatic swing (hinged) doors. They demonstrate how the checks should be properly taken out in order to ensure that safety aspects are met. You can view the videos by visiting the ADSA website here.

As members of ADSA, we were delighted to be involved in such a creative and informative project. The Occupier Safety Check videos don’t just simply demonstrate the specific methods that ADSA advise for checking doors. They also deliver the message of why it’s important to ensure your automatic doors are compliant.

The importance of ADSA

ADSA has long promoted the importance of automatic doors which meet the highest standards in quality and safety aspects. Becoming a member demonstrates how committed a company is to be supplying high-quality automatic doors.

Tellingly, companies that are ADSA members supply over 75% of the UK market. This is an impressive recognition of their reputation in the industry.

It’s easy to check if a company is an ADSA member through their website. There is also plenty of information for people in the industry to learn from. Including the Occupier Safety Check videos!

If you would like to know more about Horton Automatics’ commitment to safety standards or would like more information about the doors we supply, please call us on 09152 670 169 or complete an enquiry form here.

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